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Professional Audio Mastering



The more you order, the more you save!

Present your audio work at its best musical light. Our mastering process insures your music will sound consistent in all areas of the spectrum (e.g. bass, mid-range and that hi end) on all playback systems. Give your music the best listening chance at the lowest possible price and most transparent processing quality.

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Product Description

Professional mastering process using the best digital mastering software and vintage hardware.

Terms Of Service:
You need to send or upload all your tracks for mastering the same day of your order.
We will only stop the mastering process if a glitch or digital corruption is found in one of your tracks.
Some quality control issues found after mastering (clicks, pops, excessive background noise, etc) may need to be addressed by a paid revision. Please, make sure you have reviewed your mix(es) carefully before you order.
This service is online only. To create a physical red book compliant CD for replication, please contact us for pricing.

Additional Services

If you have more versions of the same song or track (e.g. clean, radio edit, TV tracks, instrumental, etc) order ‘Additional Tracks‘, the cost is only $25 each.

Mastering with mix consulting and technical assistance for each song you submit is available here:

Premium Mastering Service w/ Technical Assistance


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