Mastering Service w/ Technical Assistance$75.00


Make sure you've got it right the first time out! Technical assistance for your mix(es) is included with this premium service product. This premium mastering process by an engineer with over 30 years in the audio industry insures your music will sound not only great, but consistent on all playback systems in all areas of the spectrum (e.g. bass, mid-range and that hi end). This mastering process is both analog and digital (hybrid) and it requires extensive mix reviews, thus more time consuming. Give your music the best listening chance and best processing quality.

Product Description

Pitch tuning issues, inconsistent lead vocal levels, weak snares or kick drums and anemic sounding bass-lines or foundations are just some of the many problems that could ruin an otherwise great recording. Generally these issues cannot be fixed at the mastering stage.

Music mastering with technical assistance for your mixes is a premium service which virtually eliminates the need to come back with a new mix and pay for mastering again.

Get it right the first time!

Terms Of Service:

You need to have access to mix sessions or the studio that recorded your music before ordering this service product. All tracks will be carefully analyzed and we will stop the mastering process for you to make any adjustment from our suggestions until you either submit new mix revisions, or give the order for us to proceed. This service is online only, to create a physical red book compliant CD for replication, please contact us for pricing.


Artists and bands using experienced mixing engineers may not need this service. We cannot refund or award credit if we are unable to find flaws in any of the mixes you submit for mastering, or if you believe that the adjustments suggested by us are too subjective in nature and do not merit the increased price rate.

Additional Services

If you have more versions of the same song or track (e.g.  clean, radio edit, TV tracks, instrumental, etc) order ‘Additional Tracks‘, the cost is only $25 for each mix.