Alt Pass (Additional Tracks)


Order this product as a supplement to your song mastering order, that is, if your music has different mix versions (e.g. clean, explicit, radio or tv tracks). Please read service description below.

Do not use 'Additional Tracks' if you don't have a mastering order in the first place (minimum one song/mix).

Product Description

This is a supplementary product not meant to substitute our regular mastering orders.

What is “Alt Pass”?

Alt Pass means ‘alternate pass’ and it’s basically running additional track(s) or an alternative track (e.g. a radio edit, a clean version, an instrumental, etc) through the signal chain (the gear and processor settings). Since in theory mix versions are the same song only different in their intended purpose, rather than starting the mastering process again, a mastering engineer can run them through one’s workflow which saves time, saving clients money.

Terms Of Service:
A Capellas are not suitable and cannot be run as an alternate pass, so they need to be processed as any regular mastering session.
Songs that are the same title but with different musical arrangements (e.g. rock version, dance music version) are not accepted.
Mixes with different instrument arrangements or part elements (e.g. “the bottom heavy version”, “electro-pop version”, etc.) will also not be accepted as ‘alt pass’.


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