Ashley Altman at the Grammy Awards ceremony

Welcome to Edward Vinatea Sonic Lab Mastering Service!

We are a New York City based mixing & mastering service {a.k.a. mixtering} since 1992 . Our work thus far has yielded 3 Grammy and 1 Dove award nominations for our clients.

Contact EV Sonic Lab to make an appointment (click here). If you prefer to work online instead, place your order now, then access our online mastering facility by registering free and upload your mixes for processing or a mastering consultation (click here).

What is Mastering?
Mastering, also known as ‘pre-mastering’, is the process of optimizing all individual frequency levels to meet ‘industry standards’. It guarantees your final product will translate {i.e. sound great} on all playback systems and not just the studio where the music was recorded in.Optimum-mix-levels-for-mastering

It is also a last chance to present the music production to a world wide listening audience as best as you possibly can. Professional mastering usually involves quality control and disc assembly to ensure compliance with all cd manufacturing requirements.

Some mild processing may also be required to adjust dynamics and frequency content, however, this process is for the most part source dependent, so the better your mix, the better the results.

If this is what you are looking for, please schedule an appointment to meet or book a mastering session today. If you prefer to work online instead, access our online mastering facility via your Facebook account (no need to create a user account) and upload your mixes, or get a free mastering consultation.