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Why is arrangement, mixing and mastering now more important than ever?

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Why is arrangement, mixing and mastering now more important than ever?

Postby EV Sonic Lab » Wed Apr 29, 2015 12:23 pm

In the old days you could record a demo on a 8 track recording system (even a 4 trk porta-studio) and bounce it to a 1/4 inch tape reel-to-reel machine, then make a cassette copy.

That was then, before the digital revolution that is...

Today you are expected to make almost perfect recordings and most importantly, present your song professionally mixed and correctly mastered, or else, A&R people will hit the stop button on their audio players before even getting to the first chorus.

Since it is usually the chorus what one want's to sell, your great song idea went to waste, and the only people who could pull you out of the endless crowd of singers and songwriters (or bands) soliciting on the web have eluded you.

Your incredible singing or songwriting skills have gone once again unnoticed, and you may ask what's wrong, but too often, it is them (label people) not being engaged by what they heard.

What is tragic is that you may never get another chance to have your artistry reviewed by a professional again. At least not until for some incredible reason, A) they ended up on your web site again, and B) they were compelled to hit that play button of yours all over again.

I have spoken to dozens of music industry experts, label executives and A&R people throughout the years to know what their frame of mind is and what they expect to hear, and believe me when I say, their view is most likely completely different from yours, the artist.

The main difference is that while you are thinking about your music in an artistic way, they are thinking in an analytical one.
Let's face it, even if you are told by a "music expert" that your music is trash, at least, make sure to present it correctly.

I will continue to expand on the subject in part 2 , and provide more details about what music professionals expect to hear these days.
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