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What is Mixtering?

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What is Mixtering?

Postby EVinatea » Mon Mar 23, 2015 12:46 pm

Mixtering combines mixing and mastering in one single processing environment. A mixtering engineer can be referred to as someone who mixes and masters audio for a living using a mixing console or maybe a mastering deck, usually in combination of a multi-track reel to reel tape system or a digital work station (DAW).

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There are mainly 2 types of mixtering processes:

  • Mixtering
  • Production Mixtering

Mixtering: Whether you send your tracks off to a mixing or a mastering engineer to mix and master your music, that's what is referred to as "mixtering".

Production Mixtering: If you need all aspects of music production, composing, arranging, tracking/recording, programming (e.g. midi), editing, mixing and mastering done in the same place, then that's what I consider 'production mixtering'. It's the most difficult discipline to accomplish and it usually requires to have many people involved. Can one person do it all? Sure, but not without years of experience in all areas of production, including music arrangement and writing.

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