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Affordable instrumental music arrangements online

Pro music arrangement services available

Affordable instrumental music arrangements online

Postby EV Sonic Lab » Sun Mar 22, 2015 9:54 pm

Hiring a band and a studio to record is the most expensive part of making a record.
Musicguy's instrumentals offer an opportunity for you to showcase your singing or songwriting abilities but without the expense.
Musicguy offers affordable music arrangement online services, starts from as little as $50 per instrumental.
If you are only interested in adding a real drummer feel to your music composition, we can create a drum rhythm track for your song.

This is how it works:
You provide Musicguy the chord progressions and tempo to your music, you select what instruments you desire and/or what style of music is required by you, then we do the rest. If you only have lyrics, don't worry, we can help you come up with a great backing track for your song, regardless.

We will record or program your music using real professional musician performances, then mix your music to a two track stereo, or send it to you as BWF files, so you can sing along in the studio of your choice.

Musicguy's affordable instrumental music is also perfect to create Karaoke music of your own. Use your own music tracks to sing along in a wedding or a Bar Mitzva. The audio applications are endless.

You may just want to have us record a foundation to build upon; knowing that the initial sessions to record any song can sometimes take several days, you could save a bundle of money by just commissioning MusicGuy.com to create your song's rhythm track.

Extra charges only apply when:
  1. You need special solo parts (e.g. an electric lead guitar, a saxophone solo)
  2. You need to do changes to the drum beat arrangement
  3. You need to change arrangement (create different versions, different tempos, etc.)

Listen to examples (2.5 min YouTube video)
Watch on youtube.com

This is the extended play version (5 min YouTube video)
Watch on youtube.com

For more information contact:

You can also pm or email directly
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