What is mixtering?

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Mixtering combines mixing and mastering in one single processing environment. A mixtering engineer can be referred to as someone who mixes and masters audio music for a living using a mixing console or maybe a mastering deck, usually in combination of a multi-track reel to reel tape system or a digital work station (DAW). There […]

What is LKFS?

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I believe it’s important to think these days in terms of Loudness Units (“LU”). Having said this, LKFS stands for Loudness, K-weighted, correlated to Full Scale (“LKFS”) and is a loudness measurement with the objective to standardize audio signal levels for broadcast TV and video. Loudness units correlated to Full Scale (or LUFS) is a […]

Understanding DC offset

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 What is DC off set? In A Nutshell A DC (direct or continuous current) offset is often good for changing the baseline of an audio file (e.g. wav) in order to compensate for electrical mismatches between your audio card and the input device, and thus obtaining a louder amplitude after normalization. If DC off set exists, […]

Understanding Mastering

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Written by Edward Vinatea The first mastering engineers were people in charge of cutting a flat transfer of the sound recording from reel tape to a disc, and thus, it was the advent of the tape recording technology what allowed for the first time these audio technicians or “mastering engineers” to modify, edit and sequence […]

Bass Drum Mixing

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Written by Edward Vinatea Creating the bottom end / mixing bass drums Table Of Contents Introduction Setting Up The Right Bass Kick Drum Level Mixing EDM Bass Drums Going Sub Sonic Bass Drum Compression Mixing Bass Drum & Bass Line Ducking Bass Drum Equalization Things To Avoid Introduction Honestly, trying to learn drum mixing online […]