Session Archival Fees

Sometimes is more cost effective to pay for back up sessions files on discs. This way a session recall would be almost 100% total minus any external analog gear settings, which would be the only thing missing in a session file.

Having EV Sonic Lab archive any mixing or mastering work is recommended if one believes that future revisions will be needed at one point. It could also be more cost-efficient since paying for revisions is cheaper than do-overs.

Here is the list of prices to archive your mixing and mastering projects. If you don’t require thermal printing (item #8) all labels will be written with a marker (sharpie).

1-One Time Set Up Charge
2-Mastering Files Digital Archival
1 track
$ 5.00
3-Mastering Files Digital Archival
3-10 tracks
4-Mastering Files Digital Archival
11-20 tracks
5-Mixing Session Files Disc Copies
$15 ea.
6-Back Up Disc Copies
$5 ea.
7-USPS Ground Shipping & Handling
8-Thermal Disc B&W Labeling (set up & print)

DISCLAIMER: EV Sonic Lab has a proprietary method of work so there is a lengthy procedure for archiving mixing jobs. And, while it’s quite possible to have segments of it recalled by other recording systems, it’s pretty much useless to the next audio engineer. Don’t order mixing work archival unless you plan to re-hire EV Sonic Lab to mix your songs again sometime in the future.